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  1. Hi dwell,

    I’m a shift-lead with Peet’s Coffee and would be excited to work for an indie shop. Are you hiring baristas? Thanks!

  2. Hello!

    I live in the neighborhood/ Lee Street area, and I’m waiting for Dwelltime’s opening with great enthusiasm.

    My partner can’t eat gluten, and we have yet to find anywhere in Cambridge/Somerville that can consistently satisfy a weekend craving for a sandwich or a scone or provide a muffin for the morning commute.

    It is our hope/request that Dwelltime could fill the huge gluten-free void in Cambridge. I have the sense it would be a good business decision since the field is wide open, and I know it would make for two happy customers!


    • Liz– The lack of gluten-free options in Cambridge is indeed frustrating. We will be taking these kinds of dietary concerns into account when developing our menu throughout the seasons.

  3. I heard about Dwolla.com for mobile payments–neither the customer or business pay any fee if the transaction is less than $10. Am researching it as a way for people to donate to a nonprofit (as an alternative to PayPal) but it looks perfect for coffee shops, may get you some news from Scott Kirsner if you launch with it (I don’t think any other coffee shops in the Boston area use it yet).

  4. Does Dwelltime have regular hours. If they’re posted I missed them.
    Maybe on the contact page? Look forward to seeing the new shop!!