dwelltime is a coffee bar & bake shop owned and operated by barismo. Before opening barismo as a coffee roastery, we wanted to open an island-style, multi-roaster coffee bar in mid-Cambridge. When that plan was not actualized, we opened the roastery in Arlington. Over the past five years, we have built relationships through the many shops in town where our coffee is served — and in April 2012, the plan came full circle and we opened dwelltime.

We’re located in the historic F.B. Hubley Auction Gallery building at 364 Broadway. Originally a small grocer, Hubley opened as an auction gallery in the 1940’s and operated until 2008. We signed a lease and began working on the space in June 2011. Working with our developer, we were able to save the tin ceiling and maple floors, and restore the facade to its original historic condition.

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