Catalina Rufin -Incantations

(Cambridge, MA – September  15, 2015) dwelltime’s fourth event in the dwelltime art fridaysseries will open an exhibition featuring local artist Catalina Rufin on October 2, on view until December 4. “Incantations” will feature 8 pages of “Space Explorer Stephanie” , a charming, all-ages tale of a young girl’s dream trip to the solar system, where she overcomes obstacles and learns more about herself. Also showing six other illustrations, some related to her other comics, some stand-alone illustrations.

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About Catalina Rufin:

Catalina Rufin was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1993. She is a cartoonist, illustrator, and zine-maker from Arlington, Massachusetts. She graduated in 2015 from the New England School of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration.

Artist Statement:

“My work has an overall sense of wonder in one’s natural surroundings. My aim is for people to feel hopeful and happy after reading my comics. In many of my stories, I relay my own experiences a person with Asperger’s, and on the journey towards self-love. I’m influenced by Celtic history and mythology, science fiction, and fantasy.”

More about Catalina Rufin’s comics at

About dwelltime:

dwelltime is a coffee bar & bake shop owned and operated by barismo. We’re located in the historic F.B. Hubley Auction Gallery building at 364 Broadway. Originally a small grocer, Hubley opened as an auction gallery in the 1940’s and operated until 2008. We signed a lease and began working on the space in June 2011. Working with our developer, we were able to save the tin ceiling and maple floors, and restore the facade to its original historic condition.

About dwelltime art friday series:

dwelltime is committed to feature local artist working on a variety of media. Reclaiming the historical space as a vibrant part of the community where coffee and art welcome everyone. For More information about dwelltime and upcoming shows please visit:

Opening Reception:

Friday, October 2, 2015 4:00 to 6pm
364 Broadway St, Cambridge, MA
Free and open to the public.unnamed

The Jernegan Solution a Dan Mazur comic book gallery show

Jernegandwelltime’s third event in the dwelltime art fridays series will open an exhibition featuring local artist Dan Mazur on August 7, on view until October 2. The Jernegan Solution will feature a number of pages by Mazur, including sketches, studies and character designs. You will be also able to purchase a copy of the complete story featured on the walls.

About The Jernegan Solution:

A historical nonfiction comic “The Jernegan Solution” is the tale of a strange little gold rush that occurred in 1890s Maine. What Kevin Bramer at Optical Sloth calls “a thoroughly engaging comic that details a bit of American history that I was completely unaware of.”

About Dan Mazur:Dan Mazur

Mazur wears many hats in the Boston comics community. He’s the creative force behind Ninth Art Press, the “unofficial publishing arm” of the BCR, co-director of M.I.C.E. (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo), and an acclaimed author, cartoonist, and comics scholar. Most recently he is known for the compendium “Comics: A Global History.”

Opening Reception:

Friday, August 7, 2015 5:00 to 7pm
364 Broadway St, Cambridge, MA
Free and open to the public.

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For more images and information, contact:

Dan Mazur (Artist)
Roho (curator)

To learn more about Dan’s work on The Jenergan Solution please check out his Creator Talk at the Boston Comics Workspace here:
For Dan Mazur talking about this work please join this Creator Talk at the Boston Comics Workspace:
More about Dan’s Comics at

Honoring an Everyday Object: a Martha Werman Solo Show

HAEO Show Poster-01dwelltime’s second Art show on the dwelltime art fridays series will open an exhibition featuring local artist Martha Werman on June 5, on view until August 3rd.

Honoring an Everyday Object will feature a number of works by Werman, including new paintings from her popular Sponges Series. Martha Werman has earned a Decorative Painting Certificate from RISD-CE in 2007  and completed MassArt courses in Drawing & Oil Painting, and a course in Materials at B.U Dept of Fine Arts and MFA School. She had a piece painting accepted in the Northeast Prize Show, 2008 juried by Nicholas Baume, Chief Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 5, 2015 4:30 to 7pm
364 Broadway St, Cambridge, MA
Free and open to the public.
Facebook Event:

Artist Statement:

As an artist, having worked in real estate, spatial structure is a natural visual for me,
and I cannot help but use my eye continuously there. The interiors of houses, the
walls, floors and lighting have become elements of the geometry I enjoy creating and I
often find aspects of these waiting for me when I set a brush to paper, wood or plaster.
Because of my earlier experience as a choreographer, the elements of movement are
often present in my journey from 3-D to 2-D. Altering the colors of a design, breaking
patterns of symmetry and geometric form has become a challenge for me, and
bringing them into harmony as composition or statement is what I aim for in my work.
For More information about Martha Werman and her work please visit:

Woodneck Wednesdays

woodneckwednesdaysStarting in March Dwelltime will offer Woodneck Wednesdays between 10am-2pm! All proceeds made will be donated to El Xalum in Guatemala in an effort to kick-start their farm revitalization projects.

If you haven’t had a woodneck before, you are in for a treat! The woodneck is our favorite pourover brewer. Rather than using a paper filter, the woodneck uses a cloth filter suspended by a wire hoop in the carafe. Paper filters have a taste that you can minimize, but never entirely eliminate; a well-cared for cloth filter produces the same very clean, well filtered cup but with a juicier, paper-free taste. Cloth filters take a little bit of extra care in cleaning and storing, but the extra 60 seconds it’ll take to care for is well worth it. Cloth filters use depth filtration — similar to how a felt pad would filter as opposed to a thin paper filter — allowing fines (very small coffee particles) to get captured in the layers of the fabric, rather than getting caught up against the surface of a filter and restricting flow. Additionally, unlike paper filters, cloth filters allow oils to pass through easier. This combination gives you cups that have a heavier mouthfeel, while still having great flavor clarity.



a little bit like home

If you walked into Dwelltime on Tuesday you probably noticed the warm and inspiring prints on the brick wall. The lovely prints and some originals are from LQJ’s adventures while living and working on organic farms in Australia. Although the bicycles and street life are from another home they remind me of Cambridge. And even though our summer has gone and been taken over by fall leaves and apple cider donuts, the blueberries warm me up.

Stop by on Friday, November 21, between 5:30pm-7:30pm to meet Laura Quincy Jones!

These prints are part of her illustrated travel narrative, Open Road: Life Illustrated on Australia’s Organic Farms, which she is presently working to publish. Recent travels and rural living in Japan, New Zealand, and Russia offer rich material for visual storytellingLJ Sydney Road projects.

The Great Pourover of 2014

On Sunday morning the Dwelltime brunch team was busy bailing water out of the kitchen and service floor. As of right now the shop will be closed until we asses damages and prepare for re-opening. We’re already tackling projects that were necessary but couldn’t be achieved during opening hours, like polishing the bar! Trevor spruced up the bar with a little elbow grease and polish. Ben, Irma, and Ted cleaned the floors, dishes, walls, and dusted our lamp heads. Trini and Katie organized the basement . Ted managed to get the kitchen in place while Chris took stock of all our goods. We will be pretty busy for the next few days so stay tuned to our twitter. Be sure to pick up your coffee at places like Voltage and Simons if your looking for something tasty and in the neighborhood. IMG_2609

Art for a Free Taiwan

posters created alongside the documentary "Almost Home: Taiwan"

posters created alongside the documentary “Almost Home: Taiwan”

Art for a Free Taiwan is a resistance art project comprising of several artists efforts to bring awareness to Taiwan’s political struggles. The posters are commemorating the 67th anniversary of the 228 Uprising.

There will be a reception on Saturday March 8, 2014 with Victoria Linchong, director for Almost Home: Taiwan.  She will be in Cambridge for a short while promoting Almost Home: Taiwan as well as  Art for a Free Taiwan.

Come join us this Saturday between 4:00 pm-6:00 pm and enjoy a cup of our direct trade Taiwan oolong teas from the Shin-Fong Estate. There will be a special menu available as well as a chance to purchase some of these lovely teas and posters.

The Decision


Well, Dwelltime has been holding back this decision for awhile but here it is: Dwelltime will go analog this weekend and all following weekends. With Saturday waffles & oatmeal taking off and Sunday brunch going strong, asking our customers to leave the laptops at home is our solution to seating more people. To celebrate the change, we’re bringing in a record player and staff will be playing tunes analog style. Lets just hope the staff know how to work spotify on it, that’s a thing, right?

Now I know what some customers might say, “Not yet, I love hanging out on the weekends with my laptop at Dwell.” So, just for you and everyone else, we’re keeping the bar available  for laptop use. However, the internet will still be off between our lunch & brunch weekend service.


Update for Week Beginning December 23

New Years Day Brunch Menu
We’ve put together a preview of our New Years Day Brunch. Here’s the draft:

Two yeasted waffles served with your choice of maple cinnamon butter or honey vanilla butter ($7.95 — add maple syrup for $1).
Housemade buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy with your choice of a vegetable frittata or two poached eggs. served with homefries and a mixed green salad ($9.99).
Side of four miso braised pork ribs ($7.00).
Five ounce gibraltar of fresh squeezed orange juice ($3.00).

In our first month we served a fresh squeezed orange juice, but the amount of oranges we were using & the labor involved was beyond our means — it takes a lot of oranges to make a glass! We’re bringing it back for New Years & it may make a return in the future.

We’ll be open & serving brunch from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Update for Week Beginning December 23

New Coffees on Menu
We’re in the midst of a rotation on our menu. We are serving Finca El Quizarra & Bosque Reserve. Both these coffees are coming out quite nicely, and we hope to continue to buy them in the years to come.

barismo, our wholesale coffee sourcing & roasting business, first bought Quizarra last year and it stood out as one of our best espresso coffees of 2012. This year we bought two different lots from this farm. We’ll often also call these microlots, and they refer to coffee not just from one farm, but a particular selection from that farm, whether it be by location on the farm, coffee variety, processing method, etc. These are traditionally labeled on the farm by number; the two lots we bought are Lot 90 and Lot 104. We’ve released Lot 90 as the Quizarra Espresso, and Lot 104 as the Quizarra filter coffee, which we are serving on bar.

Bosque is the longest standing buying relationship we have at barismo, and we have been gifted to work with Luis Pedro & his team to see the farm transformed over the years. This year the coffees were separated by day lots (each days harvest kept separate through processing), which were each evaluated for quality. The best day lots make up the Bosque Reserve. We currently buy 100% of the production of El Bosque, and it will continue to be a staple in the coming years.

Clever Coffee Drippers
We are now selling the Clever Coffee Dripper. It’s an easy to use manual brewing device based off a melitta drip cone, but with a plunger at the bottom. When sitting on a countertop the plunger closes off the bottom, allowing it to brew like a french press. Once you place it on top of a vessel, the plunger lifts up and allows the coffee to drip through. In the past we did not carry these because they were fragile, but the design has changed over the years and they are now much sturdier. We also sell the #4 cone filters they take.

Holiday Hours Reminder
We will be open on Boxing Day (December 26) from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. We’ll return to regular hours on Friday.

We will be closing on New Years Eve at 3:00 PM. We will be open New Years Day for brunch 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.