a little bit like home

If you walked into Dwelltime on Tuesday you probably noticed the warm and inspiring prints on the brick wall. The lovely prints and some originals are from LQJ’s adventures while living and working on organic farms in Australia. Although the bicycles and street life are from another home they remind me of Cambridge. And even though our summer has gone and been taken over by fall leaves and apple cider donuts, the blueberries warm me up.

Stop by on Friday, November 21, between 5:30pm-7:30pm to meet Laura Quincy Jones!

These prints are part of her illustrated travel narrative, Open Road: Life Illustrated on Australia’s Organic Farms, which she is presently working to publish. Recent travels and rural living in Japan, New Zealand, and Russia offer rich material for visual storytellingLJ Sydney Road projects.

David Cretegny

For two months mix-media artist Daivd Cretegny will be showing his work at Dwelltime. David’s work consists of abstract spirals and chemically extracted coffee paint strokes. These heavily caffeinated pieces were inspired by a stain on a tablecloth. As a result, in addition to photography, David creates with a spoon, coffee and sometimes wine to capture figures and shades of coffee in his work.

David hails from Geneva, Switzerland and currently lives in Cambridge.

Come and meet the artist!

Thursday, October 2 @ 6pm